Styles 4 Smiles is a nonprofit organization raising funds to provide underprivileged students and young adults with all things self-care. Initially, our main focus is to facilitate haircuts to disadvantaged school age children. As we grow, we will provide necessities for school, interview/work, prom and holidays, with items such as; uniforms, clothes, backpacks and toiletries gift sets.

My “Why”

“As a teen of color, I created this organization after mentoring a young child of color. I saw such a boost in his confidence after what I initially thought was a simple haircut, but it was much more to him. It was love, attention, self worth, and ultimately it empowered him. I want to help more children feel the same.”

Styles 4 Smiles

Executive team

Mission Statement:

Creating better opportunities for youth in our communities by increasing self-esteem, self-confidence and self-care.

“Smile, and make a unique statement about yourself.”